Zhejiang Jiayuan Household Products Co., Ltd.

Company culture

First, company's vision

Sound operation

Sustainable development

Establish a career for hundred years

Build Jiayuan into a world-class brand, blend in with people's everyday life

Second, corporate mission

Create an excellent developmental enterprise for the society

Initiate a competitive well-known brand to extent the network

Build environmental-friendly and healthy living space by the products

Provide the staff with a platform of their careers to realize their value

Third, brand positioning

High-quality products

High-quality service

Fourth, the brand's core competitiveness

Product specialization

Talent modernization

Service optimization

Image of Jiayuan

Fifth, brand’s implementation concept 

Integration, professional, innovation and surpassing

Sixth, brand Strategy

Guide marketing by the brand , support the brand by service

The core values

  All the work of the company must take the connotation of "sustainable"  as the core. We make efforts to seek and establish long-term sustainability security system; we are dedicated to making Jiayuan bigger, stronger and more permanent!

Value system of the management team

Teamwork: sharing, unity is strength

Integrity: honesty, integrity, commitment

Passion: never give up, optimistic

Dedication: do extraordinary things with professional attitude and usual state of mind

Innovation: self-improvement, develop and meet challenges bravely

The core competitiveness of enterprise

Powerful creation, design and development team

Strong and sound national marketing system and foreign marketing team

Pioneer brand with artistic style, fashionable and glorious

Efficient and pragmatic management team and excellent integration, manufacturing capacity

Cost-effective, full-quality, multi-species products  

Product design concept

Grasp the main market vein, design advanced products, lead the market trend

The business concept

Seek improvement in stability, risk control comes the first, highlighting the max benefits

The management concept

Modern management thinking, efficient management organization, scientific management methods and scientific management techniques. 

The service concept

Professional quality, intentions service, pursuit of efficiency, achieve win-win

The concept of education

Both ability and integrity, take "virtue" as the first; train people with Jiayuan cultural, cohere talents with Jiayuan career, promote employees by learning, evaluate them by performance

The concept of mechanism

Performance appraisal, reward according to their deserts, give credit that deserves, reward the diligent punish the idle.