Zhejiang Jiayuan Household Products Co., Ltd.

Company profile

QQ图片20170515084530.jpgZhejiang Jiayuan Home Furnishing Products Co., the company headquarters is located in the beautiful West Lake, China, national ecological demonstration area of Panan county production base is located in the Zhejiang Zhongda bonsai, Tianranyangba City, the company now has an area of 30000 square meters production base, more than 60 R & D personnel, more than 100 patents, is the focus of enterprise tax and the advantages of industrial enterprises and enterprise business card. After nearly four years of transformation and upgrading, has become a cross - disciplinary, diversified Integrated Company.

Since 2006 since the Create Company's production, not only the wisdom of Home Furnishing products and artistic and cultural activities popular at home and abroad, and the transformation of the company, the main product upgrade Jiayuan water steward, is the perfect improvement of people's life and the harmony between water and won the favor of the family. In recent years, the company with a healthy and comfortable, safe water, perfect human nature concept; to create the first brand Chinese family for the purpose of water management; combined with modern high-tech, with its unique vision, have a unique style of creativity, creating a series of modern family water management of new products - Jiayuan water housekeeper. Jiayuan water steward in technology to the object of intelligent, led by years of technical research and development, testing, and a large number of live trial, the product stable and reliable, easy to operate. At present, the water garden house is divided into the pipeline system of intelligent testing equipment, simple type, multi-functional water housekeeper housekeeper, heating water housekeeper four series of products, with international advanced intelligent control detection technology, selection of food grade materials, which are practical, intelligent, elegant and simple operation characteristics, to solve the water problem of thousands of households family.

For the society, creating excellent enterprise development to create a competitive brand is our enterprise's mission, through the products and build environmentally healthy living space, provide practical value for employees of the business platform is our corporate responsibility. Powerful creative ability, avantgarde design concept and unique artistic style together form the core competitiveness of our enterprise. Strict and human team management, perfect sales model, Jiayuan home will continue to introduce livable, avantgarde, practical smart home products.

Have the whole world in view, looking forward to the future, we will implement the "independent innovation, modern management thought, management efficiency, scientific management methods" to achieve "a world brand, the grand goal of creating centenary Jiayuan" struggle!