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Wear an invisibility cloak for the distribution box"

Many families to expose in the vestibule, aisle, living room and other prominent position and affect the beauty of the distribution box is distressed. How to beautify the home environment while hiding the distribution box?

The use of decorative painting or decoration hanging curtain like to cover the distribution box, not only convenient and practical, but also to meet the owner of the demand for personalized decoration Home Furnishing. Most of the hanging paintings do not apply to the thickness of the distribution box, so you can consider buying special decorative picture distribution box for shade decoration. "Decorative painting special distribution box usually has three types, one is the simple decorative painting of a hollow, directly hung up to use; the other two kinds of decorative painting is composed of push-pull type and hydraulic type, if the distribution box on both sides of a sliding panel with sliding around the surplus space can be the space finite. Hydraulic type panel, with double opening convenient drawing core can be changed." Distribution box decorative picture of various patterns, in the choice of patterns, should be based on the living room decoration style and the best choice of the same style decorative painting.

In addition to decorative painting, hanging curtains more light. "The material suggests a fabric with a natural feel and not easily wrinkled. If you do not want to drill holes in the wall, you can also use small sticky hook or adhesive tape to fix the upper wall, so it is convenient to use." There are shutter doors, small blackboards, calendars and other different types of shelter box is also a good choice, you can match different styles of decoration, in order to enhance the aesthetic feeling.