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How to choose living room decoration painting? Expert five trick to help you easy to get

The living room as others pick up the occasion, or the whole house the visual center, the decoration should pay attention to some natural. In home furnishing, the choice of living room decorative painting is critical. The painting is well chosen and plays a role in regulating the overall layout of the room. The original space with the quiet full swing movement, life arise spontaneously. Can also play a living room layout dotting effect, good manners and literacy but also highlight the master. Next, we will share how to choose the living room decorative painting, five strokes to help you easy to do, take a look at it!

The first one: choose the right decorative painting according to the living room decoration style

Living room sofa background painting, first of all to determine the style matching problem. Is the living room decoration and furniture layout is finished, the final choice of decorative painting, so we can think of decorative painting style, decorative painting in order to let eye effect, if you really do not understand the style of collocation, can also refer to the views of the designer.

For example, partial Chinese style room to choose the best pattern in the traditional Chinese painting, freehand and flower. Because most of these decorative paintings have a strong traditional folk color, and the Chinese style of decoration is very suitable, in addition, this decorative painting is also suitable for those who have special interests of the owners.

The second trick: according to the size of the living room needs to choose decorative paintings in line with

Yes, you are right. The choice of living room decoration paintings is also about size. Under normal circumstances, the living room decoration is completed, furniture placed in place, the size of decorative painting can basically be determined.

When decorating a living room painting, the first thing to consider is the space size of the wall where the painting is hung. If the walls of a large space, can hang some big size paintings, but if it should hang some relatively small, relatively small size, to four feet Doufang landscape, so it does not leave pressure, but also for the wall leaving a big blank foil of beauty.

The third measure: to choose the living room decorative painting color collocation

After the style and size are determined, the next thing to consider is color matching. Mainly the color of the frame and the theme of the picture with tonal collocation, general decorative painting, picture frames and painting core is integral, so only need to consider the theme of painting color. Simply put, what color does the whole painting bring to the senses, and does it match the whole living room?.

The best choice in the room of the same style decorative painting, but also occasionally use one or two different styles of decorative painting to do embellishment, but not dazzled. In addition, such as decorative paintings are particularly conspicuous, while the style is very obvious, with a strong visual impact, then you'd better match their style furniture, cushions and so on.

The fourth way: according to the theme of painting, choose living room decorative painting

Living room decoration paintings suggest that the theme of bold and unconstrained atmosphere, can show the owner of the tolerance, at the same time, combined with personal preference, choose their own and family reunification of the more like paintings.

The fifth trick: according to the hanging position to choose living room decorative painting

Decorative painting hanging position and color, generally in contrast to the wall of the television wall, that is, back on the sofa wall, will decorate 1 to 3 decorative painting. Since the sofa is usually the leading character in the living room, the sofa is the center of the drawing room. Neutral colors and light sofas are suitable for decorative paintings with warm tones. Sofas with bright colors, such as red, are suitable for decorative paintings with neutral tones or similar close lines.