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Buy air purifiers, you have to master a few major points

Haze, China's air purifier market share soared, becoming the world's third largest air purifier sales market. Air purifier performance, appearance and price difference is very large, so that consumers in the purchase of air purifiers, there is always a sense of dazzling. How to buy air purifier? What should you pay attention to when choosing an air purifier? What kind of air purifier is suitable for my present situation? Do you understand all this? Let's take a look at the following.

What suits me?

Air purifiers mainly dry three things: remove dust particles, kill bacteria, viruses, removal of formaldehyde, benzene series substances.

First of all, their own judgment whether there is indoor formaldehyde pollution, if there is, it is recommended to buy the formaldehyde removal ability of the air purifier, many foreign brands are invalid for formaldehyde (foreigner decoration no formaldehyde), of course there are many special products began to increase the formaldehyde removal function for Chinese, buy with extreme attention! If there is no decoration pollution (or you think it is not serious), then the core function is only to solve the dust, bacteria, viruses.

To deal with dust particles: activated carbon adsorption, electrostatic dust collection, HEPA efficient filtration.

Dealing with bacterial viruses include reactive oxygen species, low temperature asymmetric plasma, and air purification.

To deal with formaldehyde, benzene compounds are: molecular complexation, photocatalytic decomposition. In addition, negative oxygen ions are directed at secondhand smoke.

Remember: not every new technology you need!

Second, think about whether additional functions are needed, such as increased humidity, increased negative ions, increased oxygen, etc., which individuals consider to be "chicken ribs".

Finally, considering the late maintenance costs, the regular replacement of filters and additives, replacement of vulnerable parts, warranty services, etc., are all costs.

When you are ready to buy, be sure which ones are necessary

Air volume: good air purifier, ventilation rate must be fast, that is, large air volume, in the product manual to (m3/h) Cadr value to indicate that the greater the value, the better.

Purification efficiency: high purification efficiency, removal of concrete can see solid particle removal rate of volatile organic compounds, removal rate, formaldehyde, these three indicators are usually expressed in percentage value, the bigger the better.

In addition, the filter is the core purifier of air purifier, should pay attention to.

Filter: the mainstream air purifier has a 3~4 screen, and the tall one has a 5~6 layer, each screen against different pollutants.

Such as: the pre filter can adsorb small dust particles and hair;

Deodorizing screen refers to activated carbon filter screen, which can remove sweat, odor, pet odor and other peculiar smell;

Formaldehyde removal filter is specially designed for formaldehyde;

HEPA dust collection screen is used to remove mite dust, pollen, bacteria, secondary smoke, dust and other small particles;

The humidifying screen is the icing on the cake.

The less the filter, the lower the cost, the more filters, the better the cleaning effect, but not all the filters you need, vary from person to person, vary from place to place, mainly depending on what you want to deal with.

Special attention is needed to filter replacement frequency and filter cost, how long to change, in fact according to the use frequency and the degree of pollution is determined according to the experience of time is shorter than the basic 1/3 tagged around. Before buying, consider a long-term account.

Noise: as long as no more than 30 decibels, it will not affect sleep, in the evening use in the bedroom, then choose the mute function. The noise in non mute mode will definitely affect sleep. This can refer to the sound produced by non inverter air conditioner when it is working normally.

Power consumption: under the same purification effect, the less power of the air purifier, the less power consumption. In addition to outside power, some air purifier is provided with automatic mode, can automatically adjust the air volume according to the indoor environment, thus achieving the purpose of saving electricity, but also prolong the service life of the filter, at the time of purchase, should try to choose an air purifier with automatic mode.

Application area: if the housing area is too large, the air purifier is again good also powerless. It is recommended to buy an air purifier with an effective area of about 2 times the area of your environment. The pollutant removal rate identified by each brand product is the most ideal data detected in a very small experimental space, and its actual efficiency will be greatly reduced in the actual application environment.   

Safety - two pollution: the use of electrostatic precipitator and pure negative ion technology of air purifiers will produce ozone, which is often referred to as the two pollution problems of air purifiers. Certain ozone can kill bacteria, viruses, decomposition of gaseous pollutants, but excessive ozone harmful to the body, affecting the lungs, leading to asthma, can cause cancer. At present, the most safe and efficient technology is HEPA net technology and activated carbon technology, electrostatic precipitator and pure ion technology will produce ozone, at the time of purchase should choose an air purifier with HEPA filter and activated carbon technology. In addition, we must look for 3C certification, purchase regular manufacturers of products.

Purchase, consider the problem

I consider the above aspects, the purchase of an air purifier should also be considered from comprehensive aspects, such as whether the manufacturer is a professional manufacturer of air purifier manufacturers, OEM manufacturers pay attention to the difference; whether the real effect in the real environment; whether the safety of no two pollution. In addition, we also need to consider factors such as cost performance, reputation, brand strength and service.